How A Wedding Dress Can Improve Wedding Photography

I know the title sounds a bit weird but you better believe it’s true.

Ever wondered how come some brides have the perfect wedding photo shots while others (who are possible better looking) seem to have dull or low quality wedding photos? Well, it’s all in the wedding dress!

The truth is that a wedding dress can make or break your dream wedding and the same goes for capturing those angelic photos; a wedding dress can indeed make or break your photos.

How Wedding Dresses Affect Wedding Photography

Having a large wedding dress than the size of your body will make the photos appear sluggish and unnatural with gaps protruding (especially from your bust area).

On the other hand, having a smaller wedding dress than your actual body size will make the photos appear uncoordinated since you won’t be able to pose comfortably with the rest of the people.

Having a wedding dress that properly fits will bring out your curves in a natural way and posing for photos will actually be fun and not troublesome. You’ll fit in it properly so you’ll be able to take natural poses, and even some “risky” poses for those who are adventurous at heart.

The truth of the matter is that nobody want to spend their wedding day pushing down their wedding dress or pushing up their wedding dress. A wedding is supposed to be enjoyable and the bride and groom need to feel comfortable enough in their attire to keep the part going.

It would be hectic if one kept on pulling up or down their wedding dress when they are on the dance floor with their groom. The pictures would appear uncomfortable as well instead of lively as they should be.

If you know someone planning a wedding or you’re doing a wedding yourself, then you need to ensure a proper fitting wedding dress is at the top of the list to ensure the wedding photos come out superb!

The Road To Die Hel








Location: Swartberg Mountains in the Western Cape, South Africa

Description: Die Hel is an isolated valley in the Swartberg Mountains between Oudtshoorn and Prince Alber in South Africa, accessible via only one (rather dangerous) 4×4-only road, and is cut-off during the rainy season when the Gamka River comes down in flood.

Kogelberg Road

Kogelberg Road

Location: Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa

Description: The Kogelberg is the centre of endemism for the Fynbos Floral Kingdom, and as far as plants go, it doesn’t get much more important than this. It is a beautiful region showcasing vast tracts of unspoilt mountain fynbos and crystal clear rivers the colour of tea. This lone road meanders through a small section of the reserve, and although man-made, fits in so well with its surrounds.


Giants Castle

Giant’s Castle, Drakensberg National Park, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
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